The 1000 Pound club is all about off field preparation.  Strenght training for gridiron is not just critical for success on the field but also for injury prevention.  The 1000 Pound club is for our members who reach an elite level of strength training.  To become a member, your one repetition maximum weight on deadlift, squat and bench press must total when combined 1000lbs (455kgs) and have it witnessed and signed off by a current member of the coaching staff. Once a member, always a member.  The only way in is through sweat and pain.


Member Witness Date    Total      Squat   Deadlift   Bench

Dan Torode

Andrew Procter 22/07/2017 1045 375 440 230
 Robert West-McInnes  Ken Getsinger  07/06/2015  1050


405 295
Kyle Smith  Robert West-McInnes  05/01/2016 1145


425 325