Q: I don’t know much about Gridiron.  Will I still be able to play?
A: We have many knowledgeable coaches on staff to teach and we are open to players of all familiarity to Gridiron.

Q: How old do you have to be to play?
A: We field a junior team for anyone ages 14-17 and everyone 18 and older is welcome on our senior team.

Q: I’m not sure I have the body type to play. Is there a specific type you are looking for?
A: Gridiron is a game for all sizes.  Big, small, fast or strong, we have a place for you!

Q: How much does it cost to play?
A: Fees are broken down into two transactions.  There is a league fee of around $205.00.  We also have a club fee of around $200 per senior player.  Junior Players have a league fee of around $100 and around $50 in club fees. Be advised, fees are subject to change per season.

Q: What is the time commitment per week?  I’m a fairly busy person.
A: The oilers hold two, two hour training sessions per week and have games on Saturdays. 

Q: I just like watching and want to be a part of the team but not play?  Can I still be involved?
A: We welcome all involvement.  Besides playing, we also need volunteers, coaches, training staff and fans!  We also organize events to view NFL and NCAA games. 

Q: I am interested in sponsorship.  How do I become a sponsor?
A: Please Contact us and our sponsorship coordinator will be in touch soon!